How To Install, Advice And Download Link


Add all files to fifa16 directory.
Click ModdingWay Installer
(Allways Install after changing FIFA database)

Scout if you use gtnreveal (cheat) you need to shortlist players or they will disappear from scout
network, so any players you want make sure to shortlist.
Your Cheif Executive guide is normally the price you pay for a player sometimes can be little more.
When a team responds with a high amount its normally to scare you away because they do not want to sell the player, 
however if you're good at negotiating you can get him a lot cheaper do not complain that players are to expensive because you're being lazy.
Also some player ratings are unrealistic or some players have huge potential.

This is not real world ratings its what FIFA decide this is why you cant compare exactly to real life or real values we can only go by FIFA's Rating System. If a player is valued really high this is because he has huge potential.
Also players from Top Teams cost a lot more no matter their rating or potential, you have been warned.
If you are using MW DB 7 or higher or any other mod that uses FIFA17 Stats a very tiny amount (barely noticeable) of players will have weird values this is not down to my mod but because of FIFA17 Stats.

This Mod has been tested rigordsly by a lot of people everyday for months, 
so this is a complete FINAL version and there will be no future updates as its not needed.
If you want to personalise to exactly your own preference/taste go ahead and learn the art of modding :)


                                               Now that you have read the above you can download.


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